About Us

Ozon Denim is a leading export & import company for ozone machinery in denim laundry .Are company is based in Istanbul/Turkey  and over 10 years, we have increased our knowledge of ozone applications in denim laundry which makes us well suited to understand the ozone process through denim laundry .

Over the years we have gained significant innovations to our equipment that ensure long-term reliability for the denim laundry process .

We supply a range of products from water treated ozone machines to sustainable ozone machines, R&D ozon machines, ozone washing machines, ozone health & safety equipment, ozone destruct units and ozone monitors.

Over the last couple of years sustainable ozone wash systems has had a significant number of demand, which Ozondenim has followed up closely, with our models ranging from OZDNM-300 Model to OZDNM-3000 Model we have significantly increased ozone capacity. Thanks to ozone generators we are able to reduce high amount of water and chemical consumption which helps denim manufacturers produce better sustainable jeans.

Our aim is to provide problem free, cost effective ,efficient ozone generator systems for denim.